Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports in 2023

Summertime is in full swing and that means hotter days are ahead. If you’re looking for a way to cool off, look no further than portable evaporative coolers. They can be a great alternative to air conditioning and can save you money on your energy bill. But with so many options on the market, which one should you choose? To help you decide, we’ve rounded up the best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports. Keep reading for all the details.

Looking for the best portable evaporative cooler? Consumer Reports can help. Our testers evaluated a wide range of models to find the best performers. We’ll share our findings here, so you can find the right evaporative cooler for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small unit to cool a single room or a large model to keep an entire house comfortable, we’ve got you covered. So read on for our picks for the best evaporative coolers on the market today.

About Portable Evaporative Cooler

In homes, offices or any other place where people stay for a long time under one roof, the humidity is high and makes it difficult to breathe. To get ridden of this problem a device known as portable evaporative cooler comes very handy. It has become more popular in urban areas due to high humidity level inside buildings which can make breathing difficult during hot summer months. Portable evaporative coolers are also commonly referred to as swamp cooler, desert cooler, wet air cooler and they come in different shapes and sizes depending on their cooling capacity.

In essence, these types of devices use water evaporation on a surface that’s cooled by the flow of dry outside air into your room. Evaporating water absorbs heat from the surrounding area so basically portable evaporative coolers are equipped with a water tank which is filled it up before using. They also have fans which blow the dry air over the wet surface, cooling down the area. The heat absorbed by the evaporating water changes its phase from liquid to vapour making this process an endothermic reaction that requires energy which comes from your portable cooler’s electrical power source of course or propane/diesel fuel if you’re using one.

This type of device uses only 20% of electricity used by conventional air conditioners of same capacity and they don’t release any harmful chemicals in environment so no HFCs, HCFCs or any other gases for that matter. Portable evaporative coolers can reduce humidity level inside your house or office by more than 20° F and they’re more suitable for dry climates where the outside air is usually dry.

These devices are actually an ancient invention with known history of over 5000 years that’s used in some countries like Egypt, India and China since ancient times. However it’s only recently that these evaporative coolers became more popular among people living in hot desert areas like America, Middle East and Australia. This is because of their low initial costs which make them affordable to most middle class families even if you compare it with more modern types of air conditioning systems like split or central one. Some operators also claim that portable evaporative cooler operators save up to 80% of electricity compared to conventional ACs but this isn’t always true as it depends on how you operate it and the humidity of outside air which is mostly not dry.

These devices are primarily made to cool down single rooms but if you use one in a bigger area, its cooling capacity will be reduced by several degrees because of the hot air that passes through the wet surface when blowing over evaporative coolers’ surface. To resolve this problem portable evaporative coolers have water spray nozzles in their design for creating a mist which adds more moisture to the airflow passing through these units so its cooling capacity can be increased by 2-3 times what you want to achieve is to lower your house’s temperature close to 35 ° F or up to 40 ° F depending on how many square feet room or area they’re installed in.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Portable Evaporative Cooler

Here’s a list of features and functions that you should keep an eye out for when deciding which Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is best suited for your needs:

– Cooling Capacity

This basically means how big the room or space that you need to cool down. There are three types of cooling capacity which you can choose from depending on the size of the area for which you need the cooler – personal, medium and large.

Depending on your needs, make sure to get a Cooler that has an adequate cooling capacity (cc). It should be able to cool down the room or space where it is placed adequately enough. For example if you place it in a small-medium sized room, then opt for something that falls under personal cooling capacity category. However if your intention is to use it in a larger space like outdoors or garage areas, then go for something with medium or large cc rating respectively.

– Size/Weight

The weight and dimensions of the Portable Evaporative Air Cooler are also worth looking into. You should always look for something that is portable and can be easily moved around the house without too much effort on your part. There are several manufacturers that make their Coolers in different sizes which you can choose from based on your preference. For example, if you want one that can fit perfectly in a corner or near an outlet, then opt for something compact with smaller dimensions. Or else go for bigger ones if space is not an issue.

– Cooling Coverage Area

This one’s quite obvious really – the larger the coverage area, the more areas it will be able to cool down or cover adequately enough at once. So when deciding upon what Portable Evaporative Air Cooler to buy, try to get one which can cool down a larger space at once. That way you wouldn’t have to keep moving the unit from one room to another in order to get adequate cooling effect.

– Alternative Functionalities

With modern Portable Evaporative Air Coolers, manufacturers are now including several other features and functionalities beyond just providing an air conditioning effect in humid weather. For example – many models come with built-in water tanks which not only serve as storage compartments but also helps add to their cooling effect by absorbing humidity and misting it into the hot and dry air around it throughout the day giving your space much needed relief from harsh summer conditions. Some models also double up as energy efficient fans so if you don’t need to cool down too much or want to use it as a fan only, then go for this option instead.

– Brand/Manufacturer

When buying anything online, you should always read product descriptions and customer reviews to see what other people are saying about the product. Also check out who the manufacturer is and how long they have been in the business of making these kinds of home appliances. This way you’ll be able to get a better idea of what to expect from your purchase. Besides that, keep an eye out for offers or discounts because manufacturers sometimes hold contests or run special deals during holidays or weekends where buyers can win products at discounted prices. If you are lucky enough you may even end up getting one completely free!

As mentioned earlier there are several factors worth taking into consideration when choosing which Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is best suited for your needs. So always take these factors into consideration when buying one to ensure that you get something that not only works well but also meets all your requirements without any problems. And remember, don’t rush through the buying process because making a purchase should be an informed decision on your part so read product descriptions carefully or ask questions if need be before placing your order!

Tips To Use A Portable Evaporative Cooler

Is the heat of summer getting to be too much for you? A best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports may be just what you need. An evaporative cooler is similar in principle to a regular fan, but it adds water into its system which creates an all-around more comfortable experience.

Read on for some handy tips to make sure your portable evaporative cooler is working at its best this summer.

– Evaporative coolers are very effective when used correctly, but if not used properly they can quickly become ineffective or even damage themselves. Make sure that you are using the proper settings before plugging it in and turning it on for the first time. For example, fill up the tank with ice water instead of room temperature water so that your cooler totally immerses itself in the cooling process.

– The best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports should be used in dry or windy areas, but not if your area is very humid. If you live in a particularly moist environment it would do more harm than good to use an evaporative cooler because it won’t work as well and could potentially cause mildew and mold to form.

– You might want to get an inexpensive set of water absorbing crystals like “Sun’sorb” instead of using ice cubes for your portable evaporative cooler . They can double its efficiency by creating a layer between the water tank and the fan which helps the air stay cool longer. That way you don’t have to dump out gross smelly melted ice into your sink anytime soon!

– Portable evaporative coolers can also be used as dehumidifiers (if you’re living in a very humid area), and vice versa. There is an option to cycle between the two settings if needed.

– You will need to fill up your ice water tank about once every three hours that you use the cooler. The cooler will work less efficiently if not given regular breaks for refills (which you should absolutely do at regular intervals anyway because it gets kind of gross having all that slimey humidity freeze inside its tank!)

If you follow these basic tips, your best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports should be able to keep you cool no matter how hot it gets outside! And don’t forget, as with any other appliance involving water, you should check to make sure the drain is clear so you don’t have any plumbing issues in your house. If you do experience problems or have questions about how to use your portable evaporative cooler, don’t hesitate to call a professional!

FAQs About Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports

What Is A Portable Evaporative Cooler?

A portable evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) is an appliance that blows air through moist pads or filters, to cool the air stream. It works because water vapor in the air naturally absorbs heat from its surroundings when it changes phases from a gas to a liquid and vice versa (see explanation below), and the fan simply increases this effect by blowing more air through the wet filters. Because it doesn’t use any refrigerants or chemicals to produce cold, these appliances are often used in homes without central AC systems during hot summer months.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

When water changes phases from liquid to gas, it absorbs 1/540th of the heat required to change the same amount of water from a solid to liquid, and when it changes back again it releases that same amount of heat. So if you cool 90 pounds of water from 100 degrees F down to 40 degrees F (-40 C), then turn on your fan and blow hot air past that water at 60 degrees F (15.5 C), the warmer air will be cooled below 60 by an additional 20 degrees F (-11) or so. This is also why works – you are dumping huge amounts of heat energy into the water when you turn on your stove, and it takes a while to cool off. If you blow air past that hot water with a fan, then the air is cooled down even more than if there were no fan.

Evaporative cooling works in much the same way, except that it uses outside air instead of inside air for its “heat source” (the air gets cooled by blowing past cooler outside air), and because inside air is usually around 80% relative humidity anyway, adding moisture to the mix doesn’t require any extra work or cost – but using your AC system less could definitely help to save money!

How Does An Evaporative Cooler Compare To Other Types Of Home Cooling Systems?

It is much less expensive to purchase and run than an air conditioning system, but not as effective. To compare: evaporative cooling will reduce the air temperature around 20 degrees F, while a whole-house central AC unit can drop the temperature 50-70 degrees F. However, because it uses far less energy than full central AC systems (typically 1/4-1/5th the cost), and because it’s portable and easy to use in areas without access to central AC (such as outdoors or on patios), these appliances are very popular for home cooling in Arizona and other hot climates.

Will An Evaporatively Cooled Area Feel Wet?

Yes! The hotter the outside air passing by the pads, the more moisture is added to the air as it moves through the unit. If you use it in a dry climate, you will find that people and pets feel cooler but everything gets very wet – including floors, furniture and anything hanging on walls.

How Do I Choose An Evaporative Coolers For My Home?

The best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports can range from small units that sit on a tabletop to huge “portable split systems” installed outside your home that look like central AC units. Before buying, check with your local building department or power company to see what size of outdoor electrical service line is available at your house, because larger units may need a dedicated circuit or transformers to operate safely, check with your supplier about compatibility issues if you plan to use used or “surplus” equipment because there are often special requirements.

Will An Evaporative Cooler Help Me Save Money On My Utility Bill?

Yes, assuming you live where it’s hot enough for the cooler to work, and assuming your cooling needs are less than the capacity of the unit. You will certainly use much less electricity with an evaporative cooler than a central AC system, but don’t expect huge savings because even if the electrical demand is low enough not to trigger higher rates at peak use times, you won’t be using nearly as much air conditioning either.

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Portable evaporative coolers are becoming more and more popular as the summer heat intensifies. If you’re in the market for one of these cooling machines, it can be tough to decide which is best for your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated portable evaporative coolers based on Consumer Reports testing. Whether you need a small personal cooler or something that can keep an entire room comfortable, there’s sure to be a model on Quara Ethiopian Restaurant list of best portable evaporative cooler consumer reportsthat fits your needs. So, don’t wait any longer – choose the best portable evaporative cooler today!

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