About Us

Quara Ethiopian Restaurant is named for the ancient civilization where the modern-day country of Ethiopia is situated – and for the city of Quara, Ethiopia.  True to our roots, we prepares traditional recipes from our homeland.  Your food is served by first- and-second generation Ethiopians in Washington.   Our culture is represented throughout by posters, paintings and music from Africa.

And our menu features many traditional Ethiopian favorites, including Kitfo, a raw beef dish that  one that many Westerners are reluctant to try, but then find quite enjoyable!

  • We can deliver any number of items from the menu
  • Or you can order and come to pick up
  • We can cater your event
  • We can host your party at our restaurant – parties up to 75 people easily!

Not only is it full of great information about the restaurant, but now customers are able to access their menu and place orders from the comfort of their own homes. On their site, customers will find a selection of classic dishes to choose from, each crafted with fresh ingredients that make every bite as flavorful as possible. Even better, they offer delivery and catering services so you can bring an incredible meal right to your door. Quara’s website brings convenience and flavor together to create a memorable dining experience.

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