Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Review And Comparison

As coffee drinkers, we all have our favorite way of making our morning cup of joe. Whether it is using a French press, an espresso machine, or even just a simple pot on the stove, we know what we like and we stick to it.

If you are like most people, you probably start your day with a cup of coffee, it is a great way to wake up and get going. Or maybe you are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up that is not going to leave you feeling jittery. But if you are looking for something a little more special than just regular coffee, you might want to try the nitro cold brew. This type of coffee is becoming more and more popular which is taking the world by storm and for good reason – it is delicious and easy to see why. Nitro cold brew coffee is a great alternative to traditional hot coffee, and it can be made right at home with a few simple tools. This will be delicious and refreshing, and perfect for hot summer days.

Brewing nitro cold brew coffee at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will you get to enjoy your delicious cold brew, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. But what if you don’t have time to make it yourself? Don’t worry – there are plenty of nitro cold brew coffee makers on the market today that can help you get the perfect cup every time. In this article, we will take a look at the best nitro cold brew coffee maker options available on the market today and help you decide which is right for you. We will also share some tips on how to make the perfect cup of nitro cold brew. So whether you’re a serious coffee lover or just getting started, read on for all the info you need to get started brewing your coffee.

What is nitro cold brew coffee and why should you drink it?

Nitro cold brew coffee is a much smoother cold coffee drink that many people love to have. It has a creamier taste and is almost sweet-tasting, but it still provides energy from caffeine. The reason for this added sweetness is because of an infused nitrogen infusion in the drink which gives it its unique texture and flavor.

In terms of how it’s infused, nitro cold brew uses a special machine called a ‘stout tap’ or ‘nitrogen tap’ that infuses the beverage with nitrogen instead of just carbon dioxide like other cold coffees would use. With a regular carbon dioxide tap, you will get bubbles and foam when pouring your beverage into glasses which can cause some complications if you’re making drinks or selling beverages to customers at an establishment or café.

Nitro cold brew is also much smoother than traditional cold brew which you might be used to because of the infusion of nitrogen. For example, if you get coffee from Starbucks, their flagship beverage ‘cold brew’ is not actually infused with nitrogen as it says on the label so you can expect a more watery texture and taste than nitro brewed coffee would give you. The nitro tap has many benefits over co2 because not only does it provide nitrogen in your drink instead of just bubbles and foam, but unlike other kinds of taps that use pressurized cans or tubes, nitro taps do not introduce any air into your drink which makes it much more healthy. Nitrogen also allows for all-natural carbonation without any added chemicals or unnatural sugars. This is an ethical way to drink cold-brewed coffee that is healthy and tastes great.

Nitro tap cold brew has the perfect blend of taste, texture, and richness that will keep you wanting more. There are many variations of nitro tap drinks like matcha tea infused with nitrogen instead of co2 which provides a much smoother creamy texture for example, but for now, let’s focus on nitrogen infused cold brew coffee!

The favorite thing about this type of brewing process though is the beautiful cascade it creates when pouring out your beverage into a glass. The cascading effect can be very sexy and appealing to customers if you’re selling drinks at an establishment like a café; so make sure not to skip this step when preparing your coffee!

Nitro cold brew coffee is the best way that you can enjoy traditional cold-brewed beverages without sacrificing taste or texture. Try switching up your daily routine by adding this smooth, creamy drink to it to see how much you love it!

Nitro cold brew is a popular way of serving coffee on tap. The method is simple: hot water extracts flavor from the ground beans before being infused with nitrogen gas to produce that famous, frothy head. Ever since our early beginnings in Colorado, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you this experience in its purest form by combining our signature blend of beans and tried-and-true techniques for producing nitro cold brew coffee via the hand-crafted draft. Colorado locals are lucky enough to have enjoyed this beverage at one of our Colorado cafes since 2012, but now it’s time for everyone else to get in on the action.

Why use draft nitro instead of canned cold brew?

Nitro is made using a high-end piece of equipment called Guinness, which uses nitrogen gas to create the familiar cascading bubbles in your glass. The cold brew is placed into kegs that are filled with this nitrogen for serving on tap at cafes or in cans. Since each batch of cold brew is only infused with the perfect amount of nitrogen before being hand-canned, there’s no room in the can for any excess air. With every single sip you take, you will experience a thick and creamy mouthfeel like never before! So whether you are sipping it straight from the can, pouring it over ice, or mixing it with your favorite beverage, you will get to enjoy nitro in its purest form.

What does it taste like?

Nitro cold brew coffee makers by design produce a creamy and rich drink that is truly remarkable. The smoothness of the nitrogen infusion simply takes this to another level, really making a difference in the final product. Once you have a nitro cold brew, regular drip or french press just will not cut it anymore! What’s cool is that the process by which you create your nitro-infused coffee also brings out different characteristics from each ingredient used. The resulting cup can either be very sweet or more on the bitter side depending on what type of beans were used as well as how finely they were ground. In general, if you use fresh-roasted whole bean coffee, grind it coarsely and steeply for 4 hours, you will get a very smooth and rich cup of coffee.

Types of coffee makers

There are two types of coffee makers available on the market: the drip and the espresso.

Drip Coffee Maker. This is a very popular method for making coffee, at least in America. That is because it is fast, easy to use, and makes good enough coffee for most people’s taste buds. The drip coffee maker works by heating water up to almost boiling point then pushing it over ground coffee through a filter using a simple mechanism that acts as a pump.

The pot can be made from either metal or glass and plastic filters are usually used instead of cloth ones to keep down costs. It is these filters that keep us safe from any sludge ending up in our cup so you should go with a good one if you are concerned with your health. The downside of this method is that it does not allow you to control all the parameters when making coffee so some experimentation is required to get the right taste.

Espresso Maker. This is by far the best way to make coffee, in my opinion anyway. Using an espresso maker ensures you make a quick and strong cup of java every time thanks to its unique brewing process which forces high-pressure hot water – roughly 200 F degrees through ground coffee beans in roughly one minute or less – hence the name “express”. If you are into great-tasting coffee then you will love using an espresso machine because of its versatility for impressing your friends and/or fellow caffeine addicts by preparing various types of coffees like cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and Turkish coffee.

However, there are a few disadvantages of the espresso method – why it is not as popular among some people – one of which is its price. Espresso machines can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1000 depending on the type you buy. There are basically three different types of machines out there: ones that use steam pressure to push water through the ground beans – steam-driven, manual pump-driven machines using levers for pressing down on ground beans inside an enclosed pressurized portafilter basket, and fully automated programmable models that do everything on their own including grinding the coffee beans after pulling your shot. Here’s some useful information about how these work:

Espresso Machines That Use Steam Pressure. These are also known as “semi-automatic” machines because they require you to pull down a lever after the water has been heated to force it through finely-ground coffee beans which are packed inside an enclosed pressurized portafilter basket. The downside of these is that you have very little control over the process so this limits your ability to adjust most of the important parameters such as water pressure and temperature for pulling a good shot.

Espresso Machine That Uses Manual Pumping Action To Extract Coffee. This can be better than using semi-automatic espresso machines especially if you like having full control over every aspect of making coffee. Most models use levers for pressing on top of ground beans inside a pressurized portafilter basket. You can also adjust the pressure to suit your taste which is very important because it determines how much crema appears on top of your shot. This comes down to personal preference though so you should try out different settings if possible before settling for what works best for you.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machines – These are programmable espresso machines that come with a lot of advanced features including built-in grinders which will automatically cut off the correct amount of ground coffee needed, automated water temperature controls, and pressurized portafilter baskets. They usually have built-in heat exchangers designed for maintaining stable temperature levels during extraction which makes them ideal for making several types of coffee drinks one after another using pre-packed capsules or freshly ground beans.

What are nitro cold brew coffee makers?

Nitro cold brew is the newest and most exciting way of serving up cold-brewed coffee. There are already plenty of articles on why this new trend has taken off so fast in the US market, so let’s take a step back from that, and look at what nitro really means. Nitrogen infusion simply means mixing gaseous nitrogen into a beverage while dispensing it from a tap system.  

Nitro coffee is a cold brew that has been infused with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen makes the coffee creamer and whips up into a foam similar to beer when poured from a tap. Nitro cold brew coffee is a type of fresh-brewed, nitrogen-infused cold drink that everyone who drinks it once says they can not get enough of. With a slow drip process and some special equipment, it slowly pours out from the tap with the smoothness and richness you’d expect from a draft beer. Best nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker methods include hand pump systems or the use of air pumps. Nitrogen is also referred to as “N2” – which makes life even harder for marketing teams trying to come up with catchy names! The best name I’ve heard so far is “Stout in a can”. The best nitro cold brew coffee makers reviewed here are all high-quality units that produce fantastic results every time you need your nitro fix.

Nitro cold brew coffee urns are basically simple, take fresh water and add in some ground coffee beans with it then dispense it into one of our carafes or kegs with nitrogen gas – the same gas that they use for beer. This is a great way to add value to the customer’s experience when you serve them your nitro cold brew in one of our many available styles.

The best nitro cold brew coffee makers on the market today 

Best nitro cold brew coffee makers use a combination of cold water and coarse ground coffee to produce an alcoholic drink with reduced acidity and caffeine content. Coffee infused with nitrogen bubbles often called nitro coffee or cream stout is said to have a smoother taste than its counterpart iced coffee.

What it means is a creamy, cold, and highly caffeinated drink that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends at any time of the day. The idea of serving an artisanal micro-brewed beer at home is all the rage right now. There is just something about remaking your favorite pub experience, with the ability to control the flavor and caffeine levels this time anytime you feel like it – at least after walkies and before bedtime! We think the best two cold brewers that meet all your needs are more than enough for now.

Our pick for first place Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable. The Mr. Coffee DRX5 has been on our Top 5 list since 2015 and remains as such until today. It’s the most affordable cold brewer we’ve seen with great tasting results and 12 hours of programmability to maximize convenience and customizable settings. And so, we turned towards this brand for a cold brewer that’s also affordable – not just attractive from a price point of view but one that gives you the same great coffee house experience at home! Programmable. Not only is the Mr. Coffee DRX5 highly programmable up to 12 hours in advance, but it also comes with a ‘Coffee On’ and ‘Coffee Off’ indicator light as well as an adjustable automatic shut off set for 2 or 4 hours – perfect if you have intense caffeine needs and do not want to risk being jolted awake by some alarm that went off on accident. The maximum capacity of this cold brewer is four cups – about 64 ounces – which means you will not be jittery all day since you can easily make a liter at a time, and store the rest in the fridge for later. It has never been easier to whip up some cold brew coffee with this 4-cup capacity!

Ease of Use Just as the Simple Home Premium Stainless Steel Handheld Milk Frother that we mentioned before, Mr. Coffee DRX5 is incredibly easy to operate. There are no confusing buttons or unnecessary features – just fill it with water and let it chill overnight! The removable filter basket means you will not ever have a hard time removing your used coffee grounds either – just dump them out right onto your compost bin so nothing goes to waste. Material Quality Here is something else we love about this brewer – unlike other cold brewers that mostly use glass carafes, the Mr. Coffee DRX5 uses a stainless-steel carafe instead because it’s much more durable! It has a chrome-plated steel filter basket as well.

What Others Say The first nitro coffee maker review we consulted was from Coffee Drinker – and this unimpressed reviewer was not too happy about the way the turn dial worked to set your desired time.

The best cold brewers should make you concentrate by extracting the coffee flavor with cold water – no hot water or heat involved. It is so amazing how they do it because these machines were made to be used with milk too so you can customize your iced coffee drink any way you want. But then again, the second choice takes things up a notch by not just being a milk frother but also a cold brew coffee maker! They are both great in their way to pick the one that is best for your needs.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Built-in Milk Frother is our favorite cold brewer so far. It has all the qualities of an excellent coffee brewer – now imagine these amplified by an extra feature that turns this machine into a top contender for the best latte cold brew coffee maker! Its size is perfect to fit on most kitchen countertops without taking too much space, and it can make up to 4 cups of concentrated cold brew at once – 16 ounces per batch. You will be brewing your coffee the next morning before you know it! Brewing Capacity This is where things get even more interesting – because of its size, this cold brewer is perfect for large batches – and that is what makes it a great iced latte maker too. You can easily store up to 4 cups of cold brew in the fridge and just pour yourself a cup whenever you need an extra boost. The Tumbi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Built-in Milk Frother can make up to 4 cups which means you will be able to enjoy freshly brewed cold brew 24/7!

Ease of Use It does not require much effort on your part as long as you remember to filter out those used coffee grounds which should not take longer than 3 minutes. All you need to do is fill the insulated carafe halfway with your favorite coarsely ground coffee and let it sit for 12-24 hours! The water will then seep into the coffee grounds, extracting the flavor to give you a rich concentrate that is perfect for those long summer days.

Material Quality This cold brewer has an anti-spill lid as well as a large handle made of silicone, making it very easy to carry – this way you can take your favorite drinks on the go without spilling anything. Speaking of spills – its stainless steel design makes sure there will not be any accidental leaks or spills no matter what.

Other Features Another great feature of this brewer is its built-in milk frother – you can use it as an independent tool or attach it onto the lid and mix in some half and half, sugar, or syrups to customize your iced latte just the way you like it. The carafe has a 4 cup capacity and is made with insulated stainless steel material. You’ll stay refreshed even during those long summer days with this helpful appliance by your side.

How to make nitro cold brew coffee at home?

There’s nothing quite like the intense, smooth flavor that nitro cold brew brings to coffee. Except there is – when you make it at home with your very own nitrogen system! Here’s how to do it in five easy steps.

When designing our nitrogenated cold brewers, we wanted to ensure they were simple enough for any consumer. We also know that many people want to transport their brewer around so they can enjoy amazing nitro goodness wherever life takes them. That means the brewers needed to be lightweight and portable while still providing an exceptional experience. With these things in mind, we went through several iterations before arriving at the 6-gallon size which is perfect for consumers who are looking for a lightweight brewer that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It also lets you brew several servings at once so it’s ideal for those times you have friends over or just want to enjoy a few cups now and then throughout the day.

We’ve already looked at the equipment you need to make nitro cold brew at home, but now it’s time to look at the process. The following five steps are easy enough for beginners, yet robust enough that even experienced brewers will find them useful. Follow this simple guide and in no time you’ll be enjoying deliciously creamy nitro coffee!

Step 1: Prepare your coarse ground coffee

Start by selecting whole beans that have been roasted within the past two weeks – they’re fresher than pre-ground so they produce better quality coffee when used with a draft system like ours. Start by grinding your beans to a typical medium-coarse setting – similar to what you would use for pour-over – if preferred, you can grind them even coarser for more bite. We like to fill our keg with 36 grams of coffee per serving, but some like it stronger- find out what works best for you and your friends! Whatever your method, make sure the grounds look relatively dry before sealing up the keg or bag that contains them.

Step 2: Add water

Fill your keg with enough cold clean water to allow for about 3 inches on top of the ground coffee so there’s space left for nitrogen bubbles to form on top later. Don’t worry too much about getting exact measurements here; just use enough liquid so the liquid coming out is good quality and flavorful when used in a glass. If you’re following someone else’s recipe, make sure to account for the liquid you’ll use in your glass when determining how much water to add.

Step 3: Seal and shake!

Now it’s time to get down and dirty – literally! Get yourself a sturdy grip on the keg we’re using a plastic one here just for demonstration purposes and give it a good shake while making sure you seal up all parts around the valve opening. Keep shaking until the grounds appear wet and fully saturated then let everything sit undisturbed for 45 minutes or so. It helps if you can leave it sitting in an area where nobody will disturb it… like in front of the T.V., but any safe spot will do… even next to your everyday coffee maker works fine.

Step 4: Pressurize and serve!

Now you’re all done! Time to pressurize your keg with a nitrogen system so it can dispense the delicious coffee you just made. We recommend dispensing first before straining out the grounds if possible as it will help prevent any mess, but this step isn’t necessary as long as you strain carefully. It’s also a good idea to rinse out any excess coffee from the keg into the sink, but again that is optional depending on how clean you want your final product to be. After your brew is ready simply pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

Step 5: Rinse and repeat until the keg is empty

We recommend waiting at least 6 hours before making another batch so you can get the most out of your beans. After that, simply follow steps 1 through 4 again to start a fresh brew! If you’re using whole beans it’s best not to leave them sitting for too long after being ground, so try to have just enough made to last 1-2 weeks or less – depending on how much coffee you drink during that period of course! The good news is if you want just one more serving there are ways around this without having to do another full brew… but more on that in our next article! For now, enjoy some freshly brewed nitro cold brew!

Benefits of nitro cold brew coffee

Coffee is a daily routine for many people. In fact, it has become a ritual in some countries. Coffee helps us feel energetic, awake, and ready to face the day’s challenges. It encourages productivity and socializing, bringing people from different walks of life together. Coffee does have its side effects if taken in excesses such as insomnia, jitters, and anxiety but most coffee drinkers are already aware of this and will likely consume less caffeine when they know their body needs rest. 

Nitro cold brew coffee can be used to prepare drinks that will last an entire day or even throughout the weekend. Coffee grounds mixed with hot water are not that cost-effective especially if you belong to a large family or group of friends who like drinking lots of coffee all at once during gatherings and get-togethers. Once refrigerated, this kind of drink becomes flat but there’s no need to worry because adding nitrogen-rich gas beforehand will make it fizzy again which gives your beverage enough flavor without added sugar or cream. This means less wastage and more enjoyment of your coffee.

Gourmet Experience on a Cup of Coffee Nitro cold brew is definitely a treat for all the senses due to its appearance, aroma, and taste. The process of adding nitrogen gas changes the chemistry of water-soluble compounds in this kind of coffee resulting in different organic acids from regular hot brewed coffee that gives a high-quality taste with a smooth finish. Coffee gourmets everywhere will certainly love nitro cold brew for this reason alone. Also, some establishments that want their cafe or restaurant to stand out from the rest usually offer nitro cold brews on their menu.

Since there are plenty of ways to prepare it which leads us to another benefit; flexibility when creating nitro cold brew coffee.

Many coffee shops and restaurants use nitrogen-rich gas when creating their version of nitro cold brews, adding a touch of elegant and classy flavors to their menu. You can easily add your twist to the beverage by adding chocolate syrup, caramel, cocoa powder, or even vanilla extract to give it that extra flavor while enjoying its smooth finish at the same time. This is one of the reasons why this drink has become popular among coffee drinkers because you get to enjoy gourmet coffee for just a few dollars in most cases which is very affordable compared to going out for lunch or dinner with friends or family every other day.

How to clean the nitro cold brew coffee makers?

Nitro One™ is the only company that provides a reusable filter for our coffee makers. That means you can clean them all by yourself. The whole process is very easy and requires no special equipment, skills, or abilities. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Take a small amount of citric acid – it is usually sold as an acidic salt in the baking section of your local grocery store. Mix it with water – around 1 teaspoon per 8 oz of liquid. Then fill this mixture into an empty spray bottle.

Step 2: Fill another empty spray bottle with white vinegar, you can also use lemon juice instead.

Step 3: Your third spray bottle should be filled with carbonated water or tap water with some ice cubes in it. Turn on the CO2 in your nitro coffee maker so that it starts to produce bubbles, you can also do this by putting ice cubes into the water tank.

Step4: Spray down all surfaces of your coffee maker with vinegar while turning on the tap water or CO2.

Step 5: Repeat step 4th while adding citric acid and water mixture instead of vinegar.

Step 6: Finally, spray everything down with carbonated water or just plain tap water and let everything dry naturally without any fan assistance.

It’s a good idea to clean your cold brew systems every 3-6 months – even if there’s no visible buildup – especially if they have been used for flavored syrups frequently. If you follow these simple steps, your nitro cold brew coffee maker will serve you in the best possible way for many years. By cleaning your best nitro cold brew coffee maker, you can make it feel like new again and with fresh-tasting, unflavored stevia iced tea at that!

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Nitro cold brew coffee is all the rage right now and for good reason. This coffee is becoming more and more popular, it’s smooth, delicious, and perfect for those hot summer days. So it is important to know which machine will make the best cup for your business. As we’ve seen, the features and benefits of a best nitro cold brew coffee maker make it an enticing purchase.

It is no surprise that there are now a number of different nitro cold brew coffee makers on the market. With all of these choices, how do you know which one is the best for you? If you want to get one for yourself or your office but don’t know where to start, this article will help you find the best option available on the market today.  It has all of the features you need to create delicious nitro coffee drinks quickly and easily. If you’re looking to add this trendy drink to your menu, be sure to check out Quara Ethiopian Restaurant Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker today!

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