Best Mandoline Slicer Consumer Reports 2023 Updated

Do you enjoy cooking but dread having to slice all those vegetables by hand? A mandoline slicer can make the job much easier. But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the right one for your needs?

Consumer Reports has tested a variety of mandoline slicers and has compiled its findings in a report to help you choose the best one for your kitchen. The report includes ratings for performance, safety, and durability as well as recommendations for specific types of users. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, this report will help you find the best mandoline slicer for your needs.​

Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a tool used to slice ingredients for cooking. It has a flat surface on which the user places the food and then passes it through a blade that can be adjusted to cut at different lengths and thicknesses.

This tool is great because it makes slicing uniform, quick and easy.  This even cuts down on time and energy needed when creating recipes that use sliced foods as an ingredient or side dish.  Mandolines are especially helpful with cutting vegetables such as potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers etc.

They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you want to use them for such as thinly slicing vegetables or making french fries.

What Is The Best Mandoline Slicer

The best mandoline slicer should have a sturdy, compact design and it should be easy to use.  It also is important that it has multiple features such as adjustable blades for different thicknesses and sizes.  Another feature that many people like in their slicing tools is one that has a safety guard because this helps to protect against anything too thin or narrow getting sliced off the fingers when using the slicer.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Mandoline Slicer?

It is important to remember to clean your mandoline slicer as soon as possible after use.  If this isn’t done, then the risk of infection increases due to possible bacterial growth on the blade.  Cleaning it right away will prevent any problems such as those from rusting or dulling the blades of your tool.

Before cleaning it, make sure that you unplug and remove batteries and knives and wash and dry it well first. Don’t forget to check whether the blades are removable and wash them too.  Handwashing is recommended for safety reasons especially if the parts can’t go in the dishwasher.

If you don’t want to buy a mandoline slicer, there are other ways that will help you do this task.  You can use different kitchen tools like a chef’s knife, food processor or even kitchen shears to cut foods into uniform slices before cooking or serving them.

Benefits Of Mandoline Slicer

For those who have a love for cooking, using a mandoline slicer can be an excellent investment. This type of culinary tool is used to slice many different types of foods such as vegetables and fruits, and also make it easier to create julienne style cuts for salads or stir fries. A mandoline slicer will cut your preparation time in half, making it much quicker to create tasty dishes, snacks and desserts.

Using a mandoline slicer vs cutting by hand:

Many people will assume that spending the money on an expensive kitchen gadget like this isn’t necessary; however, there are several benefits to using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports which you may not be aware of. Some key include:

– Safety

Even though a mandoline slicer can be extremely sharp, it is less dangerous than using a knife to do the same job. There’s no risk of cutting your fingers, and you’re also not moving the food around as much; this means there’s less chance of an accident occurring and less chance of cross contamination or spreading bacteria from one ingredient to another.

– Quicker Results

Speed and accuracy are two key benefits of using a mandoline slicer which cannot be ignored. If you want uniform pieces for any dish, such as stir fries, salads or casseroles; then this tool will give you great results quicker than if you were to attempt to do it by hand with a knife. It will make cooking effortless, and make it very easy to achieve results which are restaurant quality.

– Healthy Eating

This handheld slicer is great for those who are looking to prepare fresh, nutritious meals or snacks on a daily basis. It’s perfect for people who want to eat more vegetables without any fuss, as all you need to do is place your chosen produce inside the container, turn the handle and out comes perfectly cut pieces that can then be cooked in recipes or served cold with dips.

This tool can be used by anyone; whether you’re an experienced chef or completely new to cooking! It will help you discover a whole world of new recipes and foods that you can easily create at home; giving you a sense of achievement and satisfaction that only comes from making your own, healthy meals.

Mandolina Slicer Benefits Here are some additional benefits of using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports which you might find useful:

– Can be used for slicing or julienne cutting.

– Great way to add color and flavor to any dish.

– Creates uniform sized slices in seconds.

– Makes it very easy to prepare veggies for cooking, stir fries and salads.

There’s no better investment than one that will save you time and effort so why not choose a kitchen gadget that can do both? You’ll never regret buying a mandoline slicer!

What To Consider When Buying A Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a simple kitchen tool with many uses. It allows you to cut veggies and fruits into thin, even slices in a quick and precise manner. Once considered a luxury item, mandoline slicers are now fairly cheap and easy to buy online or from a local store.

In this article I will speak about what you should consider when purchasing one of these slicers. I will also give some advice on which models you should pick based on the type of cook that you are as well as your budget. So let’s get started!

What You Should Have In Mind Before Buying One Of These Slicers

– Use – What do you want to use it for?

The first thing that you have to consider is what you need the slicer for. Some people use them to shred cabbage, carrots and even potatoes for hash browns . Other cooks use them to slice tomatoes for salads , pizzas or sandwiches . Other again use them to julienne vegetables for soups or side dishes.

– Budget – How much are you willing to spend?

There are many different types of slicers available on the market with prices starting as low as $10 and going up beyond $100. You can find manual ones that let you push a plunger down to move the slicing blades, electric ones that have a motor that does all the work for you and some professional options that are extremely sturdy but also exepensive. So be aware of how much you are willing to spend.

– Ease Of Use – Are you comfortable using an automatic slicer?

Electric slicers use a hand crank or a motor to push the food down on the blades. So if you have weak hands or suffer from arthritis, they might not be for you. Some of them also come with a safety device which will stop the blade if it meets too much resistance so even inexperienced cooks can use these safety features to avoid accidents. Other models let you control how fast the food is pushed down and how thin the slices are going to be by adjusting a dial on top of them which makes manual ones easier to use than others that just have one speed setting.

– Blades – How many types of cuts can you make?

You will need to pick a slicer that has the blades and the features that you want. If you plan on using yours mostly for slicing large food like potatoes or carrots, then it is better to get one with big enough blades for your needs. Some models come with interchangeable blades so if you ever decide to upgrade, they can still be of use . Other slicers have more than one blade which allows you to do different cuts without having to change them every time. So consider how many types of cuts that you want your slicer to be able to do and choose accordingly.

– Material – What material should the body and the handles be made from?

The best mandoline slicer consumer reports are made out of stainless steel as it is strong, durable and easy to clean . Other models have die-cast aluminum bodies which are lighter in weight but they might not be as sturdy. Some slicers offer a third handle with a soft grip which can make them easier to use if your hands suffer from arthritis or you have trouble gripping things.

Tips To Use A Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers are versatile tools that can be used to chop, slice, grate, julienne or even mince your vegetables. They are useful for any kind of cooking and are quite popular due to the convenience they provide in food preparation. However, it would also be fair to say that mandoline slicers can be pretty dangerous if not used properly. This article will help you understand the basic safety precautions you should take while using a mandoline slicer – tips which will ultimately make it easier for you to use this wonderful tool without getting hurt!

– Use The Right Slicing Blade For The Job

It is easy to assume that all cutting blades on a mandoline slicer work in the same way but this is simply not true. Different blades are used to achieve different results and it is important that you use the right blade for the job. For instance, if you want to make chips out of potatoes or carrots, opt for the wavy blade as this one features a serrated edge which allows it to perform this particular task better than other blades.

The Straight Blade The straight blade is mostly used for slicing fruits and vegetables in thin pieces. This is because being completely flat, it makes use of less pressure from your hand while cutting – resulting in very fine slices that would have been impossible with other blades. The V-Blade Mandoline slicers usually come with a V-shaped cutting head but some models may even feature multiple heads allowing you separate cuts such as wavy, crinkle and straight. The V-Blade is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and so on.

– Use Both Hands While Cutting

While using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports, it is important that you always use both of your hands on either side of the blade to ensure maximum safety and control over the tool. One hand should be pressing down the food item while the other slides the vegetable across the blade – this way you can ensure that your fingers remain at least two inches away from the blade at all times!

– Always Wear Cut Resistant Gloves While Using A Mandoline Slicer If you want to make sure that there are no knives in your kitchen then investing in good quality cut resistant gloves is the way to go. A good pair of these gloves can really save you from a lot of unnecessary anguish and will not only protect your fingers while using mandoline slicers, but also help prolong their life!

– Don’t Make It Harder Than It Is

Cleaning mandoline slicers isn’t exactly hard but it does take time – after all, they are made up of several blades which need to be cleaned properly if you are not planning on transferring some nasties from one food item to another. However, even if that happens, it is extremely easy to clean this tool as most blades can be detached allowing you to brush them with ease. Just remember that both sides of the blade have sharp edges so always use a cleaning brush to avoid hurting yourself while doing this task.

– Be Very Careful With The Screws On Mandoline Slicers

While almost all mandoline slicers come with blades that are screwed in place, some people tend to increase their grip on the food item they are slicing when it starts sliding due to too much pressure. This results in them positioning their thumb very close – sometimes even touching – the blade which can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful!

– Always Handle Your Mandoline Slicer With Care

An essential part of any kitchen equipment, a mandoline slicer is bound to get dirty eventually so make sure that before and after every use, you disassemble your tool for thorough cleaning. Not doing so will not only make your slicer look ugly, but will also impact its performance.

– Don’t Keep Your Mandoline Slicer Near Sinks

While some vegetables may need to be thoroughly washed before slicing them with this tool, others don’t and placing the mandoline slicer on the edge of a sink can be very dangerous. If you happen to place too much pressure during chopping then it is likely that the tool will slip off the countertop leading to an unpleasant situation for you!

– Never Point The Blade Towards You And Others While Cutting Food Items Using A Mandoline Slicer

While cutting food items using a mandoline slicer, never point the blade towards yourself or other people standing nearby – it is important to be in control of the safety handle at all times during cutting so that you can hold it with your thumb. If you remove this, please do not use the slicer until the handle is re-attached!

– Don’t Attempt To Cut Foods That Are Too Hard

When cutting food items which are too hard to slice using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports, it is always advisable to first soften them slightly by steaming or boiling before you actually use this tool for slicing them. Even if you have the best safety cutter around your finger, trying to cut anything that is extremely hard can result in very serious injuries!

FAQs About Best Mandoline Slicer Consumer Reports

How Does A Mandoline Slicer Work?

A mandoline slicer’s function is to make uniform cuts of food every time.  This product makes cooking and doing dishes easier and faster than if you were to slice hand.  If you buy a model with adjustable slicers and blades, you can slice different thicknesses of food.  Most models also come with an attachment for making french fries and decorative cuts.

What Types Of Blades Are There?

A mandoline slicer comes equipped with at least one blade and many come with several different blades as attachments on an interchangeable assembly. Most often these include a thin slicing blade, a thick slicing blade a julienne disc. Julienne blades are usually included with more expensive models, while some can be purchased separately to upgrade or replace the ones that came standard.

Is Mandoline Slicer Safe?

A mandoline slicer is an extremely versatile kitchen tool, but like any sharp implement, whether it’s a knife or food processor blade, there are safety concerns you should consider before using one on your own. Food processors use enclosed bowls that prevent fingers from accidentally touching the spinning cutting blade. A mandoline slicer typically has an exposed slicing surface and no bowl which exposes both hands and fingers to possible cuts when inserting foods to be sliced into the opening on top of the slicer. Standard practice dictates caution when using an object with blades to do a job a kitchen knife can handle. This includes always pushing foods toward the blade instead of lifting them up to slide across the cutting surface and keeping hands as far away from the blades as possible. The best way to use a best mandoline slicer consumer reports safely is by using either one of the hand-guarded models, or by always holding down food with one hand while tightly grasping the body of the device securely with your other hand. Keep fingers tucked well away from where they can be sliced or even cut off when using this type of utensil in a kitchen environment.

How Many Blades Come With A Typical Model?

Most standard models come equipped with at least one blade and attachments for several slicing options. Many high-end models are sold with several blades that are interchangeable with the slicer base for more versatile slicing options, depending on what you plan to prepare most often.

How Much Do Mandoline Slicer Cost?

This really depends on what type of mandoline slicer you choose and its attachments or blade kit. You can purchase a basic model with only one attachment for about $20-$30 US dollars, but many come equipped with several different blades for more versatile functions which will be more expensive overall. Hand held safety mandolines vary in price as well, but usually run between $10-$50 US dollars depending on features like hand guards or kitchen shears built into the device.

What Are Some Common Food Items That Are Usually Prepared With Mandoline Slicer?

One of the most popular uses for a mandoline slicer is to slice paper-thin vegetables or fruits like apples, potatoes, cucumbers and others. They also make quick work of slicing cheeses into even slivers. Most models come equipped with at least one julienne blade for making matchstick french fry shapes which can be cooked up quickly in a hot pan or deep fat fryer. These blades are perfect for vegetables, but using them on meats could result in cross contamination due to their small size and the fact they are so sharp. For this reason it’s recommended to have separate julienne style blades for your meat and vegetable prep tasks.

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When it comes to making a decision on the best mandoline slicer consumer reports, you want to be sure that your needs are met. We’ve compiled our list of the top mandoline slicers based on what consumers have said about them in reviews and ratings. You can read more about each one by clicking through to their individual pages where Quara Ethiopian Restaurant go into detail about how they work and any additional features or benefits they offer. If none of these meet your specific need, check out our buyer’s guide for advice on choosing which model will suit you best!

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